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Honey is a pure and unprocessed ancient sweetener and the key ingredient in our Money on Honey clean caramel treats. But did you know that honey is actually a by-product of bees most important function for us: Pollination of our healthiest foods. In fact, 1 in 3 bites of the food we eat depends on a pollinator to make it to our plates.


Honey Bees are facing serious health threats known as the “Four P’s:” parasites, pathogens, pesticides, and poor nutrition. These factors combined contribute to the deaths of an average of 40% of colonies each year in the US, so Droga has partnered with Project Apis m, Seeds for Bees and The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund to help save the bees!

For every bag of Money on Honey sold, we make a donation to support the health and vitality of the honey bee population. Our donations help fund research and provide habitat to improve honey bee colonies and ensure we have healthy, delicious honey for generations to come. So when you buy Money on Honey products, you are helping to “save the bees with every bite!”

Droga Chocolates

Project Apis m. (PAm) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fund and direct research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies while improving crop production. The name comes from Apis mellifera, the scientific name for the honey bee; PAm is continuously working towards improving the health of the honey bee.

Formed by beekeepers and growers, PAm bridges industry needs with efforts by top researchers and scientists, to improve bee health and sustainable agricultural practices.

Droga Chocolates
Droga Chocolates

Research gives us the foundation of knowledge and tools we need to understand the threats to honey bee health and address them. In 2006 beekeepers experienced heavy colony losses attributed to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the causes of which are still problems for bees: parasites, pathogens, pesticides and poor nutrition.

PAm was founded by almond growers and beekeepers to address these most pressing needs of honey bees through scientific research. PAm supported researchers are addressing each of these threats, uncovering new important knowledge, and developing practical tools for beekeepers and growers in support of honey bee health and pollination security across the nation.

To learn more, visit www.projectapism.org

Droga Chocolates

Seeds for Bees increases the density, diversity, and duration of bee forage in California orchards, farms, and vineyards, where 18% of the nation’s crops are produced. Just like humans, having access to good nutrition helps bees stay strong in the face of other stressors. Healthier bees mean stronger hives and better pollination, and Seeds for Bees cover crops work two-fold to increase sustainability in agriculture while providing an additional source of food for bees.

To learn more, visit www.projectapism.org/seeds-for-bees.html

Droga Chocolates
Droga Chocolates

The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund establishes critical pollinator habitat to help honey bee and monarch butterfly populations thrive in the Upper Midwest, where monarch butterfly populations need habitat for their migration, and where most of the nation’s honey bees spend their summer. Guided by the mission to increase and improve pollinator forage and habitat, the organization develops affordable, pollinator-focused seed mixes through NextGen Habitat Projects. Critical pollinator habitat is disappearing in the U.S. – but we can reverse that trend!

To learn more, visit www.beeandbutterflyfund.org

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